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The Challenge is for those looking to...

  • trade options successfully.
  • add additional financial resources to your life without another full time job.
  • filter the market noise, opinions, and analysis to cut through to the gains.

To join a Challenge, all you need is...

  • a basic understanding of call and put options.
  • an options trading account with $3,000.
  • at least 5 minutes a day to trade from a phone, tablet, or computer.

How The Challenge Works


The Set Up

To follow, you'll start with $3,000 in an options trading account, keeping in mind that we reset to $3k 2-4 times a year based on market conditions. This money is your personal account where you are the only one with access and the right to make trades. TraderMinute does not control or trade any member accounts. Then make sure that once you have access to the TraderMinute site, alerts enabled.


The Trade Engine

Every Challenge has a core mechanism that drives the action: The Trade Engine, a proprietary algorithm that seeks out stocks with a high probability of moving multiple percentage points in the near future. The algorithm filters out risk, reward, and trade feasibility to give us trade triggers with the best chance to succeed! So, sit back and relax! Our trade engine will do the work to find the best trades for you.


The Trade

Once a trade is triggered by the Trade Engine, the details for that trade are developed and defined. A profit target, stop loss, and time stops are created to help to manage the trade with the designed reward to risk parameters. Then alerts are sent out in real time between 10:00 - 10:30 am and 2:45 - 3:15 pm EST. These details are also available to view at all times on the TraderMinute Trade Seat.


Rinse & Repeat

We use the Trade Engine to enter and exit trades. We repeat the process while increasing our position sizes as our options make gains. We take what the market gives while waiting for the big moments and big wins to offset and overcome small losses. And you can do the same! Be sure to check out past result details to see how The Challenge and Trade Engine have outsmarted the market time and again to give us an edge with options.

Challenge Rules

Because Every Game has 'em!

  1. $3K start, ready to go big.
  2. 5-7 trades per month with entry and exit times at 10:00 and 2:45 EST.
  3. Call and put options are traded based on our proprietary Trade Engine.
  4. Defined targets and stops based on price and time.
  5. All trade entry and exit alerts are sent in real time so you can play too.

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