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Premium Money-Back Guarantee

While no one can guarantee specific trade and trading results, we can guarantee your subscription to TraderMinute.

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Some may call us crazy, but really we know our system and our results. We’ve been trading the Challenge since 2010 and know that trade results ebb and flow. What proves a trading system is the result over time. We can’t guarantee that we will make money on each trade or even each month, but we understand our results over time which allows us to put our money where our mouth is!

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Additional 6 Months, Complimentary: If TraderMinute's Challenge doesn't showcase gains exceeding $7,200 during your initial 1-year subscription, as demonstrated by our posted trade results, we'll extend your access by an additional 6 months, entirely on us.

18-Month Gain Assurance: If, over the collective 18-month period, TraderMinute’s Challenge does not document gains surpassing $7,200, as reflected in our posted trade results, we vow to refund your full subscription fee of $7,200.

Process for Claiming Guarantee: Email support within 30 days following the conclusion of your 1-year subscription or, if applicable, within 30 days after the 18-month period, providing your subscription details and a brief explanation.

Cancellation and Auto-Renewal: Subscriptions will automatically renew at the prevailing rate unless canceled. To cancel your subscription and prevent auto-renewal, please send an email to support with your request and subscription details.

Please Note: This guarantee applies solely to the first purchase of a Premium Subscription and does not extend to subscription renewals.