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March 17th - July 16th 2014
Total Profit: $46,149

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Welcome to TraderMinute, a company developed to give home traders the opportunity to realize strong returns while managing risk effectively.

Learn how you can generate real, life changing income using sound market principles. Take on a unique, personal, option trading challenge.

Sign up today. Watch, learn, and participate in a one of a kind community, as we challenge ourselves to turn $3,000 into $100,000!

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Jeff Yaede
Lead Trader, TraderMinute

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We have just kicked off our newest challenge where we will once again use sound market strategies to turn another $3000 into $100,000.

Watch, learn, and apply everything real time, in a fun, exciting, and different way.

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Why TraderMinute?

TraderMinute.com is a one of a kind option trading and training website. We combine real time option trading in current market conditions while teaching others how to become successful option traders. We want you to learn how to trade like us and provide daily trainings to teach our members. Most "follow my trades" type websites will keep their trading strategies a secret so they can keep you coming back. Most coaching programs will not lead you into live trades. We are quite the opposite, we would like to see you make money as you are learning from our experienced traders.

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100K Challenge

Is an exciting strategy designed by experienced traders. It started as a challenge between 2 traders and emerged as their preferred strategy. This is a repeatable process and one that many say is lower stress. Come see how we execute this strategy and learn how yourself!

Rules of the Game

Trade Templates

We use two trading templates that we have created to maximize reward and minimize risk. These templates put the odds in our favor and aim to provide consistent profits.

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